Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia

The SRIA is Australia’s leading non-profit Institute for reinforcing steel.

The Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) is a national non-profit organisation providing a high quality technical support and information service to the Australian building industry.

  • Supports Australian capability and quality
  • Offers practical solutions to the Australian building industry
  • Disseminates knowledge via publications, seminars, research and tours
  • Educates University undergraduates nationally
  • Provides technical support
  • Contributes to Australian codes, standards and regulations

We are funded and supported by the manufacturers and suppliers of steel reinforcing bars used in Australian construction.

The SRIA offers the most comprehensive services available today in the rapidly evolving field of reinforced concrete.

The Institute delivers a wide range of tangible benefits to the building industry, including:

  • regular news and updates on the use of steel reinforced concrete in Australia and around the world
  • a wide selection of publications giving the latest information in design and construction methods
  • seminars and presentations on design and detailing of steel reinforced concrete structures
  • fact finding & study tours to landmark civil engineering and building projects
  • lobbying governmental and legislative bodies on behalf of the Australian building industry
  • drafting technical standards

The SRIA offers practical solutions to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of the Australian building industry.

Our goal is to encourage the economic, elegant and innovative design and construction of reinforced concrete structures

Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia

PO Box 418
Roseville NSW 2069
T: 02 9144 2602