The Building Products Industry Council (BPIC) is committed to an Australian building and construction Industry that is safe, competitive, sustainable and meets society’s expectations for quality and performance.

We are focused on promoting regulatory reform, harmonised standards and code compliance in the Australian building and construction product industries

BPIC’s primary objectives are to:

  • Promote public and regulatory confidence, growth and innovation in the building product sector.
  • Promote and support improved, robust and nationally consistent building and construction product:
    • Legislation, regulation, codes and standards.
    • Labelling and traceability systems.
    • Procurement framework.
    • Market surveillance mechanisms as well as third-party product certification schemes.
    • Substitution controls, non-conforming product controls and controls on the correct use of products.
    • Environmental performance, impact and sustainability assessment framework.
    • Health, safety and comfort framework.

It achieves these outcomes through advocacy to government, industry and the community, and by showcasing the economic and social benefits of conforming building and construction products.

BPIC also represents the interests of building and construction product suppliers within high-level strategic and technical forums.

Building product suppliers directly employ 243,300 people and a further 796,500 indirectly [August 2020]. About 262,000 firms make up the sector and manufacturing, fabrication and installation activity accounts for $67.3 billion in economic activity [year to June 2020].

BPIC is a not for profit organisation directed by a Board comprised of representatives from its member organisations.


Key Personnel

Chair – Scott Munter – SRIA

Deputy Chair – Allen Mitchell – IPCA

Secretary – Ken Slattery – CCAA

Executive Officer – Rodger Hills

ABCB Building Codes Committee representative – Rodger Hills – BPIC