BPIC is established for the purpose of promoting the development of Australian industrial resources, in particular the innovative use of building products.


The objects for which the Building Products Industry Council is established are to:

a) Advancing building technology through regulatory reform by promoting and establishing a council of national industry associations representative of building products manufacturers and suppliers and without limiting the generality of the forgoing to:

  • position BPIC to be recognised by governments and their regulatory agencies as an authoritative group for the building products sector of the building industry on technical matters
  • coordinate an industry-wide approach and response to codes and standards;
  • improve the regulatory environment for the accreditation of building products;
  • facilitate the sourcing of practical industry information to regulators from BPIC member organisations; and
  • encourage investment in skills formation, product development and industry research by removing regulatory impediments to innovation.

b) Enhancing building affordability through regulatory reform:

  • support for a nationally consistent regulatory framework for the building industry;
  • keeping a check on regulatory costs through support of practical, nationally consistent regulatory arrangements;
  • provide building cost information to government and regulators that reflect current industry practice and identify impacts of proposed regulatory changes particularly on the industry’s supply chain;
  • investigate options for voluntary initiatives that encourage innovation as an alternative to regulation; and
  • reduce both the direct and compliance costs of product certification.

c) To develop policy and make submissions or representations to governments, industry and the community on agreed technical standards, codes and regulatory issues of mutual concern to Members;

d) To improve communications between Members and between Members and other stakeholders in the Australian building industry;

e) To foster industry practices that promote the prosperity of Members and of the Australian community in general;

f) To be an agent for strategic change to improve the technical standards, codes and regulatory environment in which Members do business in Australia and elsewhere;

g) To promote and foster good relations between Members and members of Members;

h) To provide opportunities for the exchange of experiences and opinions through discussion, study, publications and meetings;

i) To conduct research into any matter of agreed mutual interest in the technical standards, codes and regulatory areas affecting the building industry;

j) Carry out, encourage and support any act, matter or thing which is or may be incidental or conducive to any of the above objects or which may be conveniently done in connection therewith.


BPIC Constitution – Updated June 2015