At the same time that the BMF were deliberating over the initial report by Shergold and Weir, the building industry held its own investigation into wide-spread building regulatory governance deficiencies.

A two-day Building Regulatory Reform Summit (BRRS) was held in Canberra in February 2018. The Summit was facilitated by the Building Products Industry Council (BPIC) on behalf of the wider building industry and explored the views and concerns of over 40 government, industry and community organisations involved with or affected by the building control system.

In May 2018 an industry White Paper, titled: “An Action Plan for Building Regulatory Reform was published and sent to each Building Minister and the BMF Secretariat for consideration at their upcoming BMF April 2018 meeting. The Action Plan was also extensively referenced by Dame Judith Hackitt in her final report on the Grenfell Towers fire.