Concrete Masonry Association of Australia

Concrete Masonry Association of Australia (CMAA) is a national organisation funded by the Australian concrete masonry industry to extend and improve the masonry market in Australia.

The Concrete Masonry Association of Australia (CMAA) is the peak body that represents the concrete masonry manufacturers of Australia. This includes bricks, blocks, pavers and retaining walls. The Concrete Masonry Association of Australia is an industry body and does not sell or supply any masonry products. The CMAA supports the concrete masonry industry by providing technical information and advice to architects, engineers, specifiers and educators. The CMAA publishes technical manuals, data sheets and software packages, relating to concrete block walling, concrete paving, permeable paving and concrete masonry retaining walls, which are free to download from this website. The Association also conducts workshop courses and provides a technical advisory service for masonry design queries.

The CMAA is governed by a board of directors elected by member companies.  The national Technical Committee monitors, develops and researches the technical issues confronting the concrete masonry industry.  The committee also provides direction and support to Standards Australia in the development of Masonry Codes and Standards.

Masonry Design Courses for undergraduate and master’s students are developed by CMAA in association with the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Wollongong, and are currently taught at these campuses.

CMAA works closely with the clay industry to support and endorse the apprentice training organisation, the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Foundation (ABBTF).

Members and their customers benefit from the technical manuals and data sheets published by the CMAA which are mostly free on its web site.  The Association also conducts conferences and courses, provides a technical advisory service for the construction industry and other users of concrete masonry products, and represents the industry on national issues, especially in technical marketing areas.

Concrete Masonry Association of Australia

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