Making NCC Evidence of Suitability Claims

Many decision-makers in the construction supply chain have a vital interest in the NCC conformity claims made by manufacturers and suppliers. They use these claims as a key factor to decide what products to specify, what products to procure, and what Evidence of Suitability (EoS) needs to be presented to meet building regulatory requirements. EoS claims are only useful for them when they are true, accurate, in easy-to-understand language and appropriately verifiable. False, misleading or incomplete claims of product conformity also unfairly disadvantage businesses that are making genuine claims.

This Making NCC Evidence of Suitability Claims document explains, in plain English, five principles to help you comply with your building regulatory obligations, and ensure that any claims you make create trust in your business and allow construction decision-makers to make informed decisions.

BPIC – Making NCC Evidence of Suitability Claims