The Building Products Industry Council (BPIC) hosted our annual industry event – Building Leaders Brief Industry 2023. The event was attended by over 60 participants with the event focused on advising senior decision-makers about issues to do with regulatory change, government policy, changes to product compliance frameworks, and potential new marketing/promotional/innovation opportunities for suppliers over the next 12 months and beyond. This year we also looked at what decarbonisation of the construction sector is all about and why collaboration will be critical to success. This was our 5th annual face-to-face briefing at Lendlease’s offices at Barangaroo in Sydney and we thank them for their ongoing support.

Download the 12 Decarbonisation Steps for the Construction Industry


Current and medium-term regulatory environment in NSW

• What are the current regulatory priorities of the Commission in relation to defects resulting from building products?
• Are those priorities likely to change, and how, with the introduction of new building regulatory reforms planned for NSW?
• What matters are of concern in relation to product conformity and the means to verify such? | DAVID CHANDLER, OAM – NSW Building Commissioner

Building Industry Economic Outlook

• Where is the building industry in the Australian region heading?
• What are the critical issues and how can they be addressed? | SHANE GARRETT – Chief Economist – Master Builders Australia

Collaborating to decarbonise building and construction

How the building and construction industry can collaborate and seek help in achieving a common decarbonisation goal and the realistic timeframes and expectations needed to bring about the transformation. | ALISON SCOTLAND – Executive Director – Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council


Building Products Coalition

The Building Products Coalition has been established to help advance the implementation of the National Building Product Assurance Framework by:
• Overhauling the NCC Evidence of Suitability provisions.
• Mapping the building product traceability and identification system. | DYAN JOHNSON – Manager of Policy and Economics at Master Builders Queensland

Digitisation for Compliance and Decarbonisation

Automated tracking of construction materials for improved supply chain logistics and provenance – Phase 1 Scoping Study | PROF. CHRIS KNAPP – Research Director – Building 4.0 CRC

Decarbonisation – External Enablers

The construction industry is ready and willing but it does not have control over all the levers that will help realise a low-carbon future. | AJIT PADBIDRI – Associate Director – South Pole



Digital Product Conformity

Existing document exchange systems are vulnerable to false connections being asserted between conformity data and physical product supply. As we move to a digital trade environment, what might replace current processes for exchanging product conformity data? | BRETT HYLAND – Stakeholder Engagement Manager – NATA

Navigating Embodied Emissions Schemes

NABERS – MECLA – BASIX – Australia Embodied Carbon Data Initiative – GBCA Responsible Products – What does it all mean? | NICOLE SULLIVAN – Head of Strategy and Impact Australia – thinkstep-anz