Products in the BP LCI

What products are included in the BP LCI?

The products included in the BP LCI database are set out in the listing below. These products represent a large proportion of the materials used by the building industry in Australia and therefore serve to address a considerable proportion of the LCI information needed to undertake LCA.

The BP LCI has been designed to incorporate additional products and product categories as the opportunity arises over time. This may be in the form of further Australian generic data or company and product specific data.

BPIC invites any product association interested in including their data into the database to provide Australian generic information to contact BPIC directly.

Individual product manufacturers and suppliers of products included in the database can also submit their product specific data for inclusion in the database by contacting BPIC directly to discuss this process.

BPIC Member Association

Products Included

Concrete Masonry Association of Australia

Dense Standard Brick

Light Weight Double High Brick

Standard Blocks

Coloured Architectural Split and Polished blocks

Fire Rated Blocks

Standard Core Filled Retaining Wall Blocks

Light Segmental Wall Blocks

Heavy Segmental Wall Block


Interlocking Pavers

Roofing Tile Association of Australia

Concrete Tiles

Terracotta Tiles

Australian Steel Institute

Long: Angles, Flats, Rounds, Parallel Flange Channels, Tapered Flange Beams, Universal Beams and Columns, Stress Relieved Concrete Strand, Tubeline, GalTube, Welded Beams and Columns

Flat: Plate, Hot Rolled Strip, Galvanised Strip, Zinc Aluminum Coated Strip, Pre-painted Strip, Hot Rolled Coil, Cold Rolled Coil

Flat Coated: Galvanised Coil and Sheet, Zinc Aluminium Coated Coil and Sheet, Pre Painted Galvanised Coil and Sheet, Prepainted Zinc Aluminium Coated Coil and Sheet

Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australia


Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia



Concrete – Residential

Concrete – Commercial

Concrete – Engineering Construction

Insulation Manufacturers Association of Australia

Glasswool & Rockwool


Cellulose Fibre

Sheep Wool


Reflective Foil Laminate

Acoustic & Fire Rated Insulation

Australian Windows Association

Combinations of

Frame: Timber, Aluminium, UPVC, Composites, Fiberglass/Steel

Finishes: Stains, Powder Coating, Anodising,

Glazing: Monolithic, IGU, Annealed, Toughened, Laminated, Coated

Hardware: Seals & Gaskets, Sealants, Fixings, Materials, Packaging

Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia

Steel reinforcement for concrete: steel reinforcing bar & steel; reinforcing mesh

Think Brick


Extruded in various sizes

Pavers in various sizes

 Timber Development Association

 Logs: softwood & hardwood

Sawn timber

Plywood: Interior, Exterior, Formply, Flooring, Structural

LVL (3 thicknesses)

Particleboard: raw and decorated

MDF: raw and decorated


Engineered I-Beams