Guidance material for the BP LCI

What guidance materials are available for the BP LCI?

The Building Products Life Cycle Inventory provides:

  • a database of the environmental impacts of building products by product category that enables life cycle assessment of individual building or construction projects
  • guidance on the use of the life cycle inventory to conduct life cycle assessments, and
  • background information on the methodology used for the development of the life cycle inventory.

The methodology provides a comprehensive and nationally consistent way to measure the environmental impact of building products within and across product categories – a level playing field for environmental assessment.
There are five supporting guidelines and documents that outline the development process and decisions made by BPIC members during the development of the BP LCI. 

These documents provide an extensive review of the state of the LCI/LCA methods being used around the world at that time. They explain why and how the BP LCI recommendations for LCI development have been made and the sources of information used in the development of the LCI database. They also provide guidance on the use of the database, having regard to this methodology.

  1. Protocol for the Correct Use of Australian Life Cycle Inventory Data for Construction Materials and Products
  2. Methodology Guidelines for the Construction Materials and Building Products Life Cycle Inventory Database
  3. A Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method Part 1: Classification and Characterisation
  4. A Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method Part 2: Normalisation
  5. Weighting of Environmental Impacts in Australia for Life Cycle Assessment