Potential users of LCA

Potential users of LCA include:

  • Manufacturers to evaluate the environmental impact of their products and how they can innovate for improvement.
  • Policy analysts and researchers to develop regulations and guidance for improved environmental outcomes.
  • Developers of building design tools (e.g.LCADesign, Envest, BIM) to incorporate accurate and consistent Australian LCI data.
  • Conformance Assessment and Ecolabelling Bodies to produce Product Category Rules for Type III (ISO 14025 compliant) environmental product declarations (EPD’s) and standards for Type I (ISO14024 compliant) ecolabels.
  • Developers and users of LCA tools, like SimaPro and GABI, require LCI data to underpin their LCA software services.

Many building industry stakeholders may use LCA results indirectly through the use of the derived tools, Ecolabels and Environmental Product Declarations.

Use of BP LCI data for non-validated, self-declarations; Type II Environmental Assessment is not a permitted use under the BP LCI Protocol.

All of these uses of LCA are dependent on the BP LCI because it provides many of the key data inputs required to conduct an Australian building’s LCA.